INSPIRE conference focused on sustainability + ATTRACTIVE DANUBE

Event is officially supported by minister of the Environment Mgr. Richard Brabec and by minister for regional development Ing. Karla Šlechtová.

CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency together with the Slovak Environment Agency is after the one year break pleased to invite you to the 5th year of the Czech-Slovak INSPIRE Conference, this year focused on sustainability. The conference will be held together with the kick-off conference of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, realized within the INTERREG DANUBE programme.

Ensuring consistent application of the principles of sustainable development when creating public policies, is among one of the greatest challenges at present, both in a national and regional context. Intensive discussions about assessment and management of the development of society, in view of the global responsibility for its further development, are currently under way in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, likewise at European level. Accessible data are a crucial and indispensable prerequisite for the monitoring and assessment of the sustainability of Europe and national and regional development. Also the influence of spatial and Earth observation data is constantly increasing, as these data provide a comprehensive analytical view on the development of individual regions as well as of the whole planet, and take into account all necessary geographical, thematic and temporal relationships. INSPIRE and Copernicus, are European initiatives aiming to ensure maximal accessibility and use of the data at all levels, and therefore are one of the key tools for sustainable development of society.

This year the national INSPIRE conference aims to connect two communities, experts from the field of geoinformatics and remote sensing with those who are looking for a way of how to ensure the sustainable development of our regions, countries and common European territory – specialists from the government sector, politicians from different levels, representatives from the private sector and citizens.

The thematic focus of this year's conference has significant support from the European institutions, whose representatives decided to actively participate in the event. Thanks to the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project, we have the pleasure of welcoming more conference participants from another ten countries located within the Danube region. Experts from these countries are currently dealing with the assessment of the region's development from many different points of view. Therefore, we decided to use English as the main language for the first conference day of the INSPIRE and ATTRACTIVE DANUBE conference, and traditionally the Czech and Slovak language for the second day of the INSPIRE conference.

The conference venue itself – Hotel Park Inn, Prague – is an outstanding example of sustainability. In 2007, a printing company ended its operation here. The same place was renovated and in 2009 opened as a hotel; this is where we will be glad to meet you. You can view this location in a photo gallery and on 14th and 15th February 2017 or in person.

We are looking forward to meeting you!